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Bringing True Symmetry to Body Building

“Why do you train?”

That question alone could and would prompt a debate that not only stirs the passions of those who dedicate their lives to bodybuilding professionally, but also those of us who train 2, 3, 4 or 5 times a week on a less ‘professional’ basis in search of…..

Well... in search of what?

What are you and I looking to achieve and to see every time we look into the mirror after a hard session at the gym.

Bicep growth? Broad round shoulders? Curvy, solid glutes? Defined quads and calve muscles? I’m guessing for us all, male and female alike, the answer probably does include some, if not all, of the aforementioned socially sought after aesthetics. 

Then there’s the way it makes us feel. Of course we feel great when we see ‘Progress’, whatever we perceive that progress to be. Add to that the science behind the ‘endorphin effect’; Self-made feel good ‘drugs’ that are an oh-so-welcome effect of the hard graft of every rep, every run… Arguably the reason we keep going back to our ‘addiction’.

So we want to look ‘good’. We want to feel ‘good’. All agree?  But against which parameters?  Or more to the point; against who’s parameters? It’s a pivotal question….

What is your frame of reference?

I somewhat crudely refer to bodybuilding with a broad brush. We are all to an extend building our bodies every time we rip, tear and break down our muscle fibres, providing we give our bodies the nutrients they needs to repair, bigger and stronger. 

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